The nature of naturopathy is based holistically featuring the use of nature to accommodate overall health. There are traditional naturopaths and licensed naturopaths. The licensed naturopath in Eltham is a medical doctor who is certified and trained to diagnose and prescribe while the traditional naturopath may have the intellect to but is not licensed.

A naturopath Doreen uses natural remedies such as herbs, massages, exercise, nutrient coaching and acupunctures to boost the body to heal itself. 

A naturopath and chiropractor in Diamond Creek & Eltham promotes disease prevention. This is done by focusing on the condition and applying the necessary natural healing techniques to afford total wellbeing and restoration. The naturopath employs methods for the long term by teaching and instilling strategies to improve wellness and lessen the onset of illnesses. 

A naturopath or acupuncturist and Chinese herbal Medicine practitioner in Eltham can assist with health conditions such as hormonal imbalance, heart health, fertility treatment, immune system building, stress management, sleep ailments, allergies, skin related issues, degenerative illnesses such as arthritis and the prevention of certain health conditions. 

The main aim of the naturopath is to get into the body’s ability to heal itself without the use of medical intervention by surgical tools. The naturopath or Shiatsu Massage Therapist Eltham pays attention to improving the overall health of the individual by analyzing the impacts of emotional, physical, and lifestyle decisions made daily. There is the promotion of implementing wholefoods and superfoods which can be used to improve immune function and upliftment. 

Some naturopaths or acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Eltham also have the skill set to work with western medicine. This normally acts a soothing relief for some patients who would like to experience the balance and benefit of both natural and western medicine which can afford a more tailored treatment plan for specific health needs. There are pharmacies that work closely with naturopaths encouraging a successful whole health method that will ultimately suit your needs.